Sunday, 16 April 2017

CAP FINISTERE arriving Portsmouth

Bought in 2009 from the Greek operator SUPERFAST, "CAP FINISTERE" is the most recent cruise ferry to enter service with BRITTANY FERRIES, she has been since 2010 a reliable partner to PONT-AVEN on the Spanish service, the ship is seen here arriving Portsmouth from Bilbao, photos taken from NORMANDIE, Vitor Francisco 5.4.2017

Saturday, 25 February 2017

PONT-AVEN at Saint-Malo

It's been a while since my last "post" here, recently I have been spending more time on my sister Blog, A LIFE SAILING CRUISE FERRIES, not to say of course this one has been forgotten, to the contrary, Blog and its cruise ferries very much always on my mind. Seen here at Saint-Malo, is the brilliant cruise ferry PONT-AVEN, flagship of BF, close-up photos taken during a beautiful sunny winter's day, the ship was at the time replacing the BRETAGNE, undergoing an important refit at Gdansk. Photos 23.1.2017

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Cruising on "MONT ST MICHEL"

         MONT ST MICHEL new funnel design to accommodate new scrubbers

      "BLUE NOTE BAR" located on deck 9, is the venue for the main entertainment

                            Acrylic on canvas by Michel Four
                Sculture on the embarkation hall of the ship by Matthieu Millot
"MONT ST MICHEL" is a cruise ferry operated by BRITTANY FERRIES on their busiest route, Ouistreham ( Caen ) to Portsmouth, the ship named after one of best known French landmarks, the island of the MONT ST MICHEL, was built by Dutch shipyard VAN DER GIESSEN DE NOORD, near Rotterdam, construction started in June of 2001 and the ship was delivered to BF in December of 2002 with five months of delay. "MONT ST MICHEL" has capacity for 2100 passengers and 830 cars, the internal layout of this magnificent ship is an evolution of her fleet mate, the NORMANDIE of 1992, passengers on board the ship have two restaurants, bars, boutique, a Kiosk, two cinemas, a choice of cabins, some similar to modern cruise ships and reclining-seats, also linking art with navigation, BRITTANY FERRIES cruise ferries offer a wonderful variety of paintings, scultures, frescoes and bas-reliefs by renowed mainly French artists. MONT ST MICHEL has just spent three months in a Spanish shipyard, at Santander, for what has been so far her biggest refit, during the process, new scrubbers, or exhaust gas cleaning filters were installed as part of an investment program of 60 million pounds to cut funnel emissions to protect the environment, six cruise ferries are now equipped with the new system making the fleet one of the cleanest in service. Photos above were taken on the 26th of April 2016

Saturday, 7 May 2016

NORMANDIE mid channel from Ouistreham to Portsmouth

 The magnificent NORMANDIE at sea, photos taken from MONT ST MICHEL, 26.4.2016

New space created for dog owners on PONT-AVEN

With the installation of scrubbers on PONT-AVEN, a complete new funnel was built to accommodate the new emission reduction filters, dog-owners benefited hugely, a footpath was created just behind the funnel and a new area was built, allowing passengers to spend hours with their beloved pets, the ship has now similar conditions to the CAP FINISTERE, up to now the best suited cruise ferry for pet friendly cruising. Photos taken 2 May 2016

Saturday, 12 March 2016

NORMANDIE arriving Ouistreham last June

Beautiful, charming inside and always kept in immaculate condition, same as all the other BF cruise ferries, NORMANDIE built in 1992 is seen here arriving Ouistreham (Caen). Photos 25.6.2016

Saturday, 5 March 2016

NORMANDIE at Portsmouth

The magnificent NORMANDIE at Portsmouth, the ship was built back in 1992 and last year went through her most comprehensive refit, new scrubbers were installed on the ship, her iconic funnel dramatically changed, she still looks a fabulous ship, very elegant and from this angle her new funnel looks even better balanced than the previous one, despite her looks better or worse, she is now compliant with new rules and has become one of the more environmentally-friendly cruise ferries sailing in the English Channel. These photos were taken from the arriving BRETAGNE, Portsmouth 4.3.2016