Tuesday, 31 May 2011


It´s difficult to realize that the MV BRETAGNE is now 22 years old, she was built in 1989 and since then has been mainly on the Saint-Malo/Portsmouth service, she is now what can be considered a classic ship, everything about her has an old world feeling which is great, I´ve always been a dedicated follower of this beautiful vessel, I have sailed many times on the BRETAGNE and every trip is an occasion, now more than ever, she is in prime condition and trust will be around for many years, she has a great amount of loyal devotees.


 the incredible MV PONT-AVEN is the flagship of BRITTANY FERRIES, the ship was built in Germany and delivered in 2004, I was on the maiden voyage, she represented at the time the best a cruise ferry could offer, beautiful decor and quality, some passengers were impressed with the quality of the main restaurant´s carpets, the ship also has beautiful lines, excellent safety standards and immaculate hotel services, to travel in style I recommend the commodore cabins, she is a very fast ship as well, we reached 28 knots on that maiden voyage, excellent ship for first time cruisers


the MV BARFLEUR was built in Finland for the Cherbourg/Poole service in 1992, she was laid up at Caen early last year because of losses on this particular route, I am pleased to inform that she resumed service in February this year, I have sailed on the BARFLEUR on the 21st of May.


the fantastic MV NORMANDIE was built in Finland in 1992, I have sailed many times on this ship since 1994, my last trip was early May this year and she does look better than ever, she is operated by BRITTANY FERRIES on the Ouistreham/Porstmouth service together with the MV MONT ST MICHEL, all photos taken May 2011


the newest addition to BRITTANY FERRIES is the MV CAP FINISTERE, she was built in Germany in 2001 and is a very fine ship with very comfortable facilities for passengers, she is as well a very fast ship, she is capable of over 30 knots, she was introduced in 2010 and since then I have sailed on the ship for three times, she now operates on the Portsmouth/Bilbao route with a technical stop at Roscoff, where passengers embark as well. All these photos were taken in February 2011 before the last refit, some improvements took place, will publish them as soon as possible

Tuesday, 24 May 2011


this blog is part of a life sailing cruise ferries with a special focus on BRITTANY FERRIES, for the past 19 years I have been sailing from the UK to Continental Europe mainly on BF ships, so this is a special diary for all my experiences as a photographer and as a voyager, also there will plenty information on what to see and do at the BF ports of call