Sunday, 20 December 2015

PONT-AVEN going to Gdansk for scrubber installation

BRITTANY FERRIES flagship "PONT-AVEN", is heading to Gdansk for scrubber installation and maintenance work, she is the only ship going to Poland for this major installation due to the size of the ship, too large for the ASTANDER shipyard at Santander in Spain. ARMORIQUE the sixth and last ship to have new scrubbers is also on her way to Santander for the same refit and installation, BF is now nearing completion of the vast investement programme to become one of the greenest fleets in operation. "PONT-AVEN" will resume service next March. Photos of the ship at sea, taken last October and design impression of the new funnel, courtesy of BF

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

BRETAGNE entering Saint-Malo

Despite being in service for 26 years, BRETAGNE is still I dare say the most popular cruise ferry operated by BRITTANY FERRIES, the ship is seen here docking at Saint-Malo back in June of this year.

Monday, 23 November 2015

ARMORIQUE arriving Saint-Malo

ARMORIQUE docking at Saint-Malo back in February of this year, she was replacing the BRETAGNE at the time in Le Havre enjoying a short break from service. Photos 7.2.2015

BARFLEUR arriving Cherbourg

The 1992 Finland built "BARFLEUR" at sea and arriving Cherbourg, photos 28.9.2015

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Awaiting for my Breakfast on CAP FINISTERE

Early morning riser meant, the first to be served for breakfast, many people were still in bed recovering from a rough few hours on the Bay of Biscay, photos taken 20.11.2015 aboard CAP FINISTERE

"LE PORT", the A La Carte Restaurant on board CAP FINISTERE

LE PORT is a very cozy "A La Carte" aboard CAP FINISTERE, I was given table number 27 on my trip last week, third and fourth photos. 19.11.2015

CAP FINISTERE docking at Bilbao

Bilbao 19.11.2015, a beautiful cruise ferry arrives in Port, CAP FINISTERE docking at the end of her trip from Portsmouth in the UK, a 24 hour crossing, photos 19.11.2015

CAP FINISTERE loading at Bilbao

CAP FINISTERE after arrival at Bilbao from Portsmouth last Thursday, the 19th of November, she arrives at 12.45 and is back at sea at 3.30pm, local timings, for her return to the UK, she is seen here just ready to take another load of cars, trailers and foot passengers on board. Photos 19.11.2015

Sunday, 8 November 2015

"MONT ST MICHEL" undergoing a massive refit in Santander

MONT ST MICHEL debuted for BF in December of 2002, nearly thirteen years old now, she's at the moment undergoing her most accomplished refit in Santander, the company is spending 11 million pounds on the ship, apart from the installation of scrubbers, her main engines and other machinery will be totally overhauled, she will have new carpets in public areas, the garage will be repainted and lighting improved, MONT ST MICHEL will look better than ever and I can't wait to see her and most importantly sail on her again. Photos of the ship at sea.

On board flagship "PONT-AVEN"

"PONT-AVEN" is a fascinating ship, with beautiful passenger facilities, here's some more photos taken during my recent trip on the ship, 20.10.2015

Monday, 2 November 2015


BRETAGNE's sailing last Saturday from Saint-Malo was a busy one, being the end of the Half-Term Holidays meant a lot of families on board, passengers were nearly 900 which is a very decent number for this time of the year, a lot of entertainment was therefore directed to children, also it was the Halloween weekend and of course the final of the 2015 Rugby World Cup final, the expected and much antecipated ALL BLACKS versus AUSTRALIA final game of another wonderful tournement, photos 31.10.2015