Friday, 23 October 2015

Cruising on PONT-AVEN

PONT-AVEN was built in 2004, the ship replaced the VAL DE LOIRE on the Plymouth to Santander route, she is the flagship of BRITTANY FERRIES, her maiden voyage was on the 23.3.2004, I was on board and was immediately conquered by her charming interiors, the best passenger facilities of the fleet, reducing the crossing time six hours in those days was something to stay with me forever, feeling the power of PONT-AVEN sailing at 28 knots was unbelievable, the sheer power of her engines could be experienced throughout the ship, with minimum vibration, her wrap-around promenade deck is a wonder, so unusual these days even on the latest cruise ships, the service on board has been since then, just impeccable, in short, she is a wonderful first time cruising experience, this week I was back on board for what I seem to believe my trip number 30 on the ship, it was another great trip, calm seas, sunny weather, wonderful food and opportunity for many photos and of course the opportunity to visit the ship's bridge, arriving Santander is something really spectacular, thank you to the marvelous crew, these are moments I will never forget. Photos 21.10.2015

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

M.S. "BARFLEUR" named after the Picturesque Barfleur village

BRITTANY FERRIES "BARFLEUR" is named after the village of Barfleur, situated in Normandie and considered one of the most beautiful villages in France, photos included were taken on the 28th of September 2015

Monday, 5 October 2015

Cruising on "BARFLEUR"

BARFLEUR built in 1992 is a beautiful ship, she recently underwent a major refit, where new scrubbers were installed, good to see BF investing on their ships giving them a new lease of life, I can see BARFLEUR for instance sailing for another 10 to 15 years, her engines were also overhauled, her interiors remain the same as last time I have sailed on her about two years ago, the only change, the chairs on the driver's lounge. BARFLEUR is a wonderful little ship, very comfortable, offering to her passengers very good standards of service. Photos 28.9.2015

Thursday, 1 October 2015


Inside BARFLEUR, photos taken 28.9.2015. I still regret the fact that BF decided to remove the A La Carte Restaurant in favour of a games planet type, that hardly anybody uses, but it was decided that a four hour crossing does not contemplate this type of Restaurant, this could be right, but still a shame nevertheless, I remember dining in style in the past on board BARFLEUR and this is the reason the ship for me is no longer a cruise ferry, rather call it a luxury freight ferry.

Back on board "BARFLEUR" after a two year interval

It was good, very good, to go back on board "BARFLEUR", last time I sailed on the ship was nearly two years ago, it was also the first trip after the new scrubbers were installed, despite critics, I have to congratulate BF for another job well done, it is notorious that the company does everything they can to keep the good looks of the fleet, on BARFLEUR the changes one can say, are almost hardly visible, inside, the ship remains very well looked after, noticed the change on the "Drivers Lounge", where the chairs are different, apart from that she keeps her colourful deccor, very attractive indeed. Photos 28.9.2015