Monday, 17 November 2014


So why do we cruise ? Some of us like me because we love ships and being at sea, others, certainly the majority today, because cruise is a very relaxed way of spending a good holiday, despite having little or a lot to do onboard cruise ships, people only need to pack and unpack once during their holidays, even if every day offers you a different destination, but there is one thing that we all seek during a trip by sea......good food, I am at the moment on board CAP FINISTERE owned and operated by BRITTANY FERRIES on my way to Bilbao and as far as food is concerned this company takes some beating. Photos 17.11.2014

Route des Balizes et des phares du FINISTERE

After departing Roscoff CAP FINISTERE has been sailing at an average speed of 16/17 knots, we don't really need the 22 knots average used on a 24 hour crossing, this is a much slower trip, here's just another topic for people to take this voyage, the ship has been sailing really close to land, nobody needs a zoom lens to capture some wonderful photos, we have been sailing the west coast of France and the lighthouse route of the Finistere, the photos included shows the "St. Mathieu" Lighthouse, some 30 meters high and open to the public, this part of the cruise before we enter the Biscay is really beautiful, can imagine it on a summer's. Photos 17.11.2014

"CAP FINISTERE" at Roscoff

I am back on board "CAP FINISTERE", this is my eight trip on the ship since 2011, it is my first from Portsmouth to Bilbao via Roscoff. The ship sails on Sunday from Portsmouth at 22.30 and calls at Roscoff Monday morning where a different crew comes on board, she normally stays about 90 minutes from 9 am to 10.30 am, this is normally advertised as a technical call but in fact is more than that because some passengers boarded the ship. This trip takes me back to the years where the P & O "PRIDE OF BILBAO" used to sail every Saturday from Portsmouth to Bilbao, also a two night crossing but no ports of call along the way, the addition of Roscoff on this journey makes the ideal scenario for a mini cruise, two nights aboard the ship and a stop at Roscoff, passengers are not allowed to disembark but still is in my opinion and most certainly of all the ships enthusiasts an added bonus, our expected time of arrival is tomorrow morning at 6.45 am, British Time. Photo 17.11.2014

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Delightful shops on board MONT ST MICHEL

Apart from a huge variety of products on sale on board BF Cruise Ferries, the shops always look so appealing, a delight to see. Photos 5.11.2014

BRETAGNE sailing from Portsmouth

BRETAGNE sailing from Portsmouth, 20.5.2013

Saturday, 8 November 2014

NORMANDIE undergoing a refit at Santander

NORMANDIE is undergoing a big refit at Santander at the moment, scrubbers are being installed on the ship in order for BF to meet the new regulations to control the emissions of sulphur dioxide coming into place in January of 2015, this refit also includes refurbishments to some of her passenger facilities, notably reclining seats lounges and bar, the ship is due back in service on the 2.1.2015. Photos here included showing the magnificent NORMANDIE at Portsmouth ,taken 23.5.2013

Close-up and intimate with CAP FINISTERE

Getting very intimate with the CAP FNISTERE back in March of this year, the ship was just making her final approach to her berth at Santurtzi/Bilbao, looking very fresh with new paint from a recent refit.

Shopping area aboard MONT ST MICHEL

Great appeal for shopping, none does it better on board their ships than BRITTANY FERRIES. Photos 5.11.2014

Thursday, 6 November 2014

The perfect crossing for some photos on board MONT ST MICHEL

There were 222 passengers on board MONT ST MICHEL yesterday on her 8.30am crossing from Ouistreham to Portsmouth, ideal for me to catch up with the splendid passenger facilities on the ship, here we can see the childrens playroom, drivers restaurant and lounge and of the reclining seats lounge. 5.11.2014

A new finding for me and a touch of Christmas on board MONT ST MICHEL

A new NESPRESSO coffee machine is now on board MONT ST MICHEL at the bar opposite to the "Les Romantiques" Restaurant, I have been told it was placed there in June this year, unfortunately it could only be used on the afternoon sailing, shame because I quite like NESPRESSO, one I need to try next time, also a touch of Christmas at the "Kiosque",a sign of things to come very shortly on BF Cruise Ferries. Photos 5.11.2014

MONT ST MICHEL at sea and arriving portsmouth

Photos yesterday at sea and arriving Portsmouth aboard the MONT ST MICHEL, she is a ship that I just adore to sail on, she will be 12 years old come December, always used by BF on the Ouistreham to Portsmouth route with another delightful ship, the 22 year old NORMANDIE. 5.11.2014