Saturday, 4 August 2012

"BARFLEUR" to resume service with BRITTANY FERRIES

 It was recently announced that the "BARFLEUR" at present on charter with DFDS/LD LINES on the Dover/Calais route is to resume service with BF on the Cherbourg/Poole crossing next March, good news for the frequent passengers, for both regions on the Channel and of course for the BF crews. There has been some complains about the DEAL SEAWAYS not being able to cope with the 45 minutes turnarounds on the Dover/Calais, the fact is she was not tailored for that type of ferry service, she will do well as always when she resumes service on the route she was built for
                                   Barfleur at sea in May last year
                                  On board the DEAL SEAWAYS, 16.6.2012, probably no need to change the name
                                     DEAL SEAWAYS at sea 16.6.2012
                                     DEAL SEAWAYS arriving Calais 16.6.2012

Top photo, "BARFLEUR" departing Poole 21.5.2011